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Today I’m gonna share with you how to choose a good dining table and kitchen table ideas from functionary perspective. many people ask must the dining table be raw in shape? the answer is not necessary. but it is good to have round table. why is that so, because from function perspective we like anything in round shape. because the round shape represent harmony. because we hope the family members can dine in a harmony environment the however due to the space constraint or due to some other design, we have to choose the rectangular table. I think that is fine too however we have to consider you have less than six family members or like for example this that we can see up to eight family members, it is acceptable to have rectangular shape but somehow if you have more than eight like for example nine family members I think it’s not advisable to have rectangular shape. wise, they saw the extra family members you have to sit against each in function we don’t like the each side. the person who’s sitting on the edge will be bullied by others and will be hated by others. therefore it is good to have round table if you have big family members. if you have small family it is okay to have a rectangular or round shape. in a recent year and not this desk square dining table. the square dining table is not mean for dining mean for mahjong we mean for you mean for gambling is not meant for dinner. recently I noticed a modern design of square table came in eighth person which is 2 2 2 2 this is not idea of dance upon shape. why is this? all because that Wow this time for family members this looks like against each other two against two two against two. this is not ideal in terms of harmony and therefore I strongly suggest either round or rectangular no square table. I hope my sharing today can help you to create a harmony environment in your dining area.

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