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We want to show you some key things to keep in mind when in the planning stages of your outdoor kitchen. we’ll give you a glimpse of how this project comes together let’s get to it. when the your family set out to design home they were lucky enough to be able to plan for an outdoor kitchen on their patio. the first step of building any outdoor kitchen is to decide on what pieces of equipment you plan on installing, before running the plumbing or laying the first brick of this island.

We always recommend you consider a vent hood if you’re building your outdoor kitchen under a roof, to keep as much smoke as possible away from your guests. to get a good visual on how your kitchen will look and ensure what you choose will fit in your space. this is a great thing to have in your back pocket to show your contractor when it comes to visualizing the final project. safety tip here for combustible back walls always check your grills owner’s manual for proper clearance. once the design was settled the next step was to have licensed professionals run the utilities. is very important that they do so to the exact specs of the equipment you choose. in addition to referencing the manufacturers cutout dimensions. it’s good practice to have all of your equipment at the job site so that your installer can be 100% certain of his cuts.

If you plan on installing a fridge always make sure to follow your fridge manufacturer’s cutout requirements to ensure proper ventilation. we always recommend an outdoor rated fridge with front venting. when planning the cutout for the grill it is imperative to do so with the exact thickness of your countertop in mind. you don’t want to measure from the top of the brick wall. you want to measure from the top of the countertop to ensure your grill rest at the proper height. another thing to keep in mind guys, a lot of grill manufacturers list a cutout height measurement that allows for the gap beneath the grill for combustion air.

Countertop only takes about 30 minutes to set so while that happens this is a good time to double check your measurements for the grill cut out. as the saying goes measure twice and cut once. once the main cutout is made don’t forget to notch the corners allowing your grill to sit flush when installed. the last thing the stone workers will do here today, is drill the hole for the faucet. once all the connections are made testing for leaks is an important step this is done with a spray bottle filled with soapy water. with the gas turned on all of the connections are sprayed. if no bubbles form that means the lines are free of leaks.

A lot of people are surprised to find out that the weight of most built-in grills is supported by the flange that rests directly on the countertop with no under bracing. because this patio is set up for natural gas the safety vent panels are installed toward the top of the island. for islands fueled by propane the vent panel should be installed as low in the cavity as possible. now we’ll install the access doors remember access doors like this or a must they allow you to reach your gas plumbing when needed. if your island is brick like this one you’ll want to use an impact drill and masonry screws. after the frame is installed secure the handles to the door and we can move on to mounting the single access door under the sink. in addition to providing access to the plumbing these doors allow for some convenient storage space. all that’s left to do is to plug in the fridge and slide it into the cutout. I hope this helps you with the planning process.

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