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Creating a great kitchen in a small space not an easy task, but this is exactly what we’ve done here. now we didn’t have a lot of room so we did a linear kitchen, and we use the range as the center point it’s also the focal point in here along with the quartz that we’ve used up as the backsplash. we have a full consistent suite of appliances here they are all full-size which is fantastic these are professional appliances. which is not always easy to put into a small space but we’ve done a good job doing that you’ve got the range. they’ve got the fridge freezer combo and we also have the dishwasher on this side. now although it is a linear kitchen one of the best ways to add more space to a linear kitchen is with an island or Peninsula, it has allowed us to put in the dishwasher which is a bonus we’ve added the microwave on this side which I kind of like because it’s down low and we have a very large sink this sink allows you to do prep, cleaning ,all that I love having the large sink here. and because this apartment does not have a dining area we went double width on the island so we have seating entertainment dinette whatever you want to call, it you can eat here you can work here you can prep here I think we nailed it with everything.

As a feature we’ve done what’s called a cascading countertop which means it’s sort of waterfalls off the edge now we’ve wrapped the entire island so it looks like this big solid piece again it ties in with the countertop and the backsplash on this side. tough to get a lot of storage in a small space. we’ve done floor-to-ceiling cabinetry so we do have space above the fridge on this side which is fantastic we’ve also done. cool things like this feature here behind these these are pocket doors and in the side here we’ve got like a coffee station some extra storage up top you’re having a party open it up make your coffee, hey this is the fastest way to clean up in a kitchen like this is just close the doors and then at the bottom you could go with I didn’t want to go up with a completely base cabinets, although these ones are great I like to get the drawers in there. drawers gives you way more storage than if you just had shelves. and if you do Bank of drawers like this you can do drawers within drawers. which is again a way to maximize your storage, and in terms of small spaces. this kitchen is about as good as it gets.

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