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it was very tired with the Builder cabinets builder countertop and all the Builder finishes. I definitely wanted to give a slicker downtown City style kitchen for the condo. because it is right downtown Toronto and yeah Lee’s is thinking about resale in in the future. and one of those was choosing a color for the cabinets that’s not white or your typical wood finish we went for a gray finish. as a medium gray I think with the white walls and the windows the darker cabinets isn’t really a problem and I think it’s a really nice contrast. we decided to go custom because it was tricky to find cabinets that were off-the-shelf that would fit.. such a tight space and then there’s actually an angled wall by the window and that was really hard to find things that were off-the-shelf. the hardware is something that’s very simple. I went for a stainless steel lip pull and those get attached to the back of the cabinet and sit right on top they’re very practical and you hardly see them which is the point. another next feature was a pullout on the left side of the cliff top for spices and condiments.

If you love to bake and having a lot of counter space is important to him so one thing I suggested right off the bat was choosing appliances that are slightly smaller. so we were able to save 12 inches in total by choosing 24-inch fridge and a 24 inch cooktop and oven. I went for a two-piece cooktop and oven because it’s a lot more sleek whirring about 12 inches in a normal kitchen wouldn’t be a problem. but in a small kitchen that’s almost a quarter of counter space and that allows about mixer or have some plates on either side of the cooktop when he’s cooking. the backsplash is 2 by 20 inches so it’s long and skinny and we were able to pick a slightly more expensive tile this one’s about 30 or 35 dollars a square foot. usually when doing a kitchen renovation I often suggest changing the floor but in this case the tile was okay. and what I did to disguise the existing floor was at carpet tiles on top there from floor there modular so you can choose any pattern combine them together or just use one pattern and they’re easy to clean if spills anything. we added a pair of pendants over the island which is a nice decorative touch. what we had to do was use a track to accommodate the pendants and we were able to buy different components for the track and the one component we bought was a module that allows you to add your own pendant to the track. it allows you to have a completely customized track solution for any lighting application. buy the base it’s a cold rolled steel frame and then he had his friend Steven Lindsay create tabletop out of solid walnut. and he also made the bench which slides right under and it’s a perfect fit for a small space.

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