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One of the most difficult choices when you design your kitchen is your choice of backsplash. the kitchen backsplash is a material finish that transitions from countertop along the wall up to the upper cabinets and should help you in keeping your kitchen clean and practical. but it also provides an aesthetic backdrop for the overall look of your kitchen. there are endless types of tile from stone to glass to metal and clay and that’s not all of course. the patterns color and layout all make for a variety of looks to choose from. I believe all aspects of your kitchen should work together as a whole. and the backsplash is an integral part of that composition. so I’m going to take you through my thoughts on kitchen backsplash ideas and all the do’s and don’ts from an interior design perspective.

One of my favorite design looks for a kitchen backsplash is the stone slab idea. instead of using individual tiles arranged in a pattern, you can install large pieces of stone slabs that cover one end of your backsplash to the other. this look is all about the beauty of the stone and its veining in most cases it’s the same stone that’s used on the countertop, so there’s a seamlessness to the kitchen. no grout lines no intricate patterns just one large surface area of stone. it’s perfect in contemporary kitchens where cabinetry is simple and the details are minimal. they all work together to make that strong statement. so, if you want a minimal contemporary kitchen do consider a stone slab for your backsplash.

Another great option to consider is making your backsplash a special feature in your kitchen. as in our previous examples this can be done with one large slab like this see how the veining in this marble is so eye-catching. even though it’s just one piece of stone the colors and variations in the veins really make this portion of the kitchen a focal point. you almost don’t even notice the shelving in front of it. with a special feature in your backsplash you need to balance the look of that feature with other elements in your kitchen, like upper cabinets open shelving windows etc. I love the look of this deep green tile. it’s a real showstopper and I love that it’s mixed with open shelves instead of heavy closed cabinetry. when you have a bold backsplash open floating shelves is the right thing to do. you may not want to do a special feature in your whole kitchen, in fact it’s a great way to bring attention to an area that is separate from the kitchen like a pantry or a bar area.

A bold color for your kitchen backsplash is another great way to make a statement or make it a special feature. but I’m here to warn you you better really love that color because it can become a very dominant feature in your kitchen. let’s look at the colored turquoise for example, we see a beautiful bold turquoise glass tile. when you choose a tile like this for your kitchen it’s important to keep in mind not just the colors of your kitchen, but also the overall shape of your kitchen backsplash. see how the backsplash in this kitchen really stands out, I think it really separates the kitchen from the backsplash. that color is so strong and the shape it creates on that back wall is so prominent the rest of the kitchen is secondary to the backsplash. don’t make the backsplash the only thing that stands out in your kitchen. remember all aspects of your kitchen need to work together. if you love a deep dark turquoise tile, consider the rest of the kitchen and how it holds everything together. mix of open shelving and close cabinetry throughout the whole kitchen and the backsplash helps keep all those elements together. it’s a backdrop for the whole kitchen and much more successful if you want a bold color in your kitchen. again with a bold backsplash those elements become key to how the whole kitchen holds together. of course there are other ways to introduce color into your kitchen. you may want to consider accessories that are easily changed after a few years as you may get tired of that color. you can use lighting accessories and other furniture to make those the color statement in your kitchen.

Another option to consider is pattern. this can be accomplished with a mosaic tile or small individual tiles in a specific pattern like a brick pattern or a herringbone. the most successful backslashes are those that bridge the gap between countertops and the upper cabinetry. they’re not a focal point but blend into the kitchen while still enhancing the overall look and feel of the kitchen. the backsplash ends in line with the top of the upper cabinets a great place to stop the backsplash when keeping within a tight budget and when you have all that wall space above the cabinet’s. another great example of this is here, the brick pattern tile continues from one wall under the upper cabinets and extends to the adjacent wall full height to the ceiling and around the windows and floating shelves, but stops at the edge of the countertop. again the kitchen is contained in all aspects of the kitchen work together.

So there you have it, selecting a backsplash is more than just picking a tile that you love, you need to consider how strong it will look in your kitchen and whether it works with all the other elements of your kitchen. do you want it to stand out, what shape will that look like, what color will that be, how can you create the perfect backdrop to the other elements like cabinetry, countertops, range hoods, windows, open shelving, and wall space. a beautiful kitchen is the sum of all its parts.

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