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well this week we want to consider lighting for kitchens. and I’m going to give you five essential ingredients that you must consider when next choosing your lighting for a kitchen scheme. well number one it’s good to remember that we need to eliminate a kitchen throughout the day and not just for night. that’s what I like to do is introduce a dedicated circuit that will reflect light off the ceiling and bounce light into the space. we would typically use a fluorescent strip of around 5,000 K in its color temperature position them on top of wall cabinets and bounce the light off the ceiling and into the space raising the illumination.

we’re number two areas of food preparation need high levels of light if we take commercial kitchens as an example they need 500 Lux of light. so we need to get more light concentrated over these areas. we would typically run a fitting underneath the wall cabinet will be a freshman or an LED strip over the area of tasks like that task lighting is needed. and that way we’re concentrating a light over those areas.

number three, another way to provide task lighting is to use down lights and over a task area we would typically use a tight beams or narrow beams down lights to provide concentrated light. and we would typically position a down light to light a work table along the edge of the worktop itself, so the light is spreading over the head onto the worktop without causing a shallow and into the actual space itself.

and number 4 consider the lower level lighting that will provide an accent light, that would transform this functional space into a more atmospheric space particularly say to dining. we could use a table light or a floor light with Ceylan it that will bring light horizontally into the space.

number five I always try to include plinth lights wherever I can to the kitchen particularly when the kitchen space is part of a wider living area. so at night we can turn all the lights off but for the plinth lights and then the kitchen space itself becomes an accent light with a low level of light to support the lounge area. well that’s the five tips, hopefully helpful.

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