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So in the kitchen design, layout really is everything and I cannot stress that enough, proper layout makes prepping cooking and cleanup much easier. it also improves storage function and flow which are things that you’ll appreciate right away and for years to come. on the plus side, if you ever decide to move the new home owners will appreciate the improved layout as well. so I’d call that a smart long-term investment. so when it comes to kitchen layout there are many configurations, one wall kitchens two galley,s two G shape, two l-shaped, two u-shape, which is ideal. there’s no one right answer. it really depends on how much space you have to work with, the shape of your home and the way you use space.

In a good starting point for figuring out your layout is something you may have heard of it’s called the work triangle. let me show you how it works, traditionally creating a triangle between the refrigerator the stove and the sink has been the way to go. now if you can keep that total distance between those three points between 12 and 26 feet you’re in good shape. this is on purpose these are the three most used areas of the kitchen you get food out of the fridge you prep it you cook it in the oven or in the stove and then you clean up around the sink and the dishwasher again. all the while if possible this would be perfect traffic flows around the triangle never through it. if you have a bigger kitchen and you like to make slightly more complex meals think of adding a second triangle between the fridge range and prep area. I know two triangles is getting crazy, but one is for you and one is for your sous-chef or your spouse are the second most important person in the house let’s just put it that way. you can add from there many professional kitchens have many different triangles. but one thing is for certain the fridge is the coolest commodity in the home. so make sure it’s on the outermost point of the triangle it’s the easiest point of access. that way your guests can get to it quickly your kids can grab something without going in and obstructing the flow of the space. now on the flip side your range should be the least accessible point of the triangle.

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